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Takeover spotlights: a takeover option with a quicker turnaround, less participant requirements

When campus experiences went remote at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we quickly figured out that the traditional takeover content, that relies so much on showing the visual day-to-day experience on campus, wasn't really possible anymore.

But as necessity is the mother of invention, we were empowered to create a new takeover model that we started calling takeover spotlights.

Here's an example:

So rather than handing over the account to someone for a takeover, we're crowdsourcing user-shot video from them, putting it in a template, handling the posting ourselves and then asking the participant(s) to be available to help us answer DMs that we can text or email to them throughout the day.

We're finding it's a really nice way to get user-generated, peer-to-peer content out there without having to ask the participant to do a whole lot of heavy lifting on their end. This was especially important in the specific situation that was shown above. The professor had published an analysis of studies on mask effectiveness in reducing the spread of COVID-19 over the weekend. It was going viral by Monday morning. He was taking media calls throughout the day. He only had a few minutes he could spare and was gracious enough to shoot this for us. This project started Monday morning and was live Monday afternoon. We just aren't able to turn something that quickly considering the amount of time and effort and training we require for full, day-in-the-life takeovers.

Now, with a more on-campus experience resumed on campus, this is still a model we'll look to continue to employ, especially as a way to share important research such as this.

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