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My favorite #MyViewFromBYU Instagram story takeovers

The #MyViewFromBYU takeover series has been our most important social property for the past five years. It has allowed for a measure of digitally proximity that's been important and provides a broad view of different lived experiences from throughout our community.

(Note that these are archived IGTV versions of the takeovers that originally appeared in the story, so obviously not all of the same functionality is there.)

This was our most-watched takeover ever, and for good reason. The visuals, the engagement mechanisms, an alum showing a really cool product of a BYU education ... it was all really cool. And something we didn't even notice until the takeover was almost done: She didn't use audio once. Incredible use of captions.

I think this was our most inventive takeover ever, with a choose-your-own adventure mechanism guiding the day. Two years later, this sort of creativity still hasn't been topped.

We actually worked to make this happen for more than a year: A takeover from the student who plays the carillon bell tower on campus. But wait, there's more ... we orchestrated a live Carillon concert in which our audience voted in real time for what songs they wanted played. Yes. I can say that I was in part responsible for Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino being played on our university bell tower.

Mental health is always an issue we want to be intentional in addressing. We were so glad to have Alee share some important insight into self care and introduce a new mental health app available to all students.

Following an issue of racism on campus that Grace tweeted about and went a little viral with, we decided to invite her to do a takeover and use our platform to share her lived experience.

In launching a campus-wide safety campaign that was created in part by advertising students on campus, we decided to have the students themselves introduce it to our campus community.

A really powerful alumni takeover from a high-profile alum.

We loved the simplicity, authenticity and quirkiness of this one.

A huge institutional priority right now is providing opportunities for out-of-classroom learning, studies abroad and internships. Takeovers like this one have been so, so helpful in showing what's out there.

While the outcome of this project was impossible for us to archive in it's entirety, you can read about our #MyViewFromBYU Campus-Wide Takeover Day in a separate piece. It took a ton of logistical heavy lifting on the back end, coordinating 60+ takeovers, but the end result was remarkable. The mechanism itself and breadth we could show was cool in and of itself as a result to be proud of, but we also saw quantifiable outcomes that were more positive than we expected. We saw significant boosts in followers and many meaningful DM conversations for a lot of the accounts that we were pointing to.

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